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Heather Timmons is not only an accomplished teacher and photographer, she is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and owner/operator of A Moment in Time Photography, Hiking Guides and Outfitters, LLC. She has been guiding people on trips to Supai for 13 years.

"I vividly remember my first trip to Supai. The energy of the Canyon changed me forever. I knew immediately that it had to be part of my life on a regular basis. I was so inspired by the whole experience that I had to share it with others." (Heather Timmons)

Heather has won awards in portrait, scenic and still life photography. She incorporates her love of photography into every trip, producing a beautiful keepsake album for her guests. As a teacher of children and a hiking guide, her calling is to inspire love and respect for Mother Nature in her life and work.

A Moment in Time runs trips into Supai year round.

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Additional Services:

  • A Moment in Time can outfit your trip. We provide camping gear, backpacking gear, and kitchen equipment at very competitive rates. You choose delicious and easy to prepare meals, and we shop for and pack the food.
  • We also do professional photography. We can do professional photo shoots during one of our guided trips; professional portraits; extreme weddings; pregnancy pictures; and tasteful nudes.

"Don't let your dreams fade..."

Heather also writes for Northern Arizona & Beyond digital magazine. Follow these links to read her stories.

Havasu Falls, A Spiritual Journey (2011-12 Winter/Spring)
Memories of Fall (2011 Summer/Fall)

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