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Havasu Canyon: Western Arm of the Grand Canyon

A Moment in Time makes it easy for your group to travel to this remote and pristine area. A free consultation is provided before booking to advise and negotiate all aspects of the trip, eliminating the hassle, time, planning and extra monetary expenses involved in doing it yourself.

We will customize your trip around your interests, time frame and needs. You may choose from two, three or four day trips. You can choose to traverse the 10+ miles into Havasu Canyon via foot, horse, and/or helicopter. You can choose to camp under the stars in a tent, or stay in the comfortable Supai Lodge.

The evening before descending into the Canyon, your personal guide will greet your party at the lodge in Peach Springs, AZ - the overnight stay is included in the package - where your guide will answer questions and review the trip itinerary with you. You will need your own transportation to the lodge and to the trail head the next morning.

We will meet the next morning at the Hualapai Hilltop. There is a parking lot at the trail head. Cowboys will pack all our gear on mule trains and head out. Eight miles down the trail we will come to Supai Village. We will "check in" at the tribal office and proceed two more miles to the campground, passing the astonishing Havasu Falls, a true desert oasis experience.

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Play in the blue pulsing waters, breathe clean air, listen to the sounds of our natural world, explore the picturesque canyon and waterfalls, relax in a hammock, sleep under the stars, eat delicious food, make good memories, feel the spirit of the Canyon on this once in a lifetime customized trip to Havasupai.

Trip Includes:

  • Guided and Self-Guided
  • Hotel/Lodging accommodations the night before the hike
  • Cowboys and mules to carry gear to the campground
  • All camping and kitchen equipment
  • Nutritious meals and snacks, real coffee and dark chocolate
  • One photo CD and photo album of your trip (mailed within 6 weeks)
Clients must obtain permit with the Havasupai Camping office. Permits are not included.

(Professional photo shoots are available for an additional fee)

(Fees for traveling by helicopter or horseback or for staying at the Supai Lodge are not included)

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Flexible Dates: We are a small and flexible operation. Whether you're an individual or bringing a group, we will work with you to schedule departure and return dates that fit your schedule. Call (928) 699-7801 or email amomentintime4u@msn.com and we'll help you plan this amazing adventure.

Dates are available year-round. Winter is a beautiful season in the Canyon. Two day helicopter trips are an exquisite option for this time of year.

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Trip Tips:A Moment in Time - Havasupai Guided Tours

  • Pack a soft duffel - try to keep it under 20lbs.
  • Rise and shine at 6:00 a.m.
  • Prepare your body for sustained physical endurance: eat a healthy dinner and drink water the night before, move and stretch before departing hotel, eat a light breakfast like fruit and protein; hydrate along the way; limit caffeine.
  • Drive slowly and cognitively. This road has unexpected sharp curves, lots of potholes, and no shoulder. This route is 60 miles from highway to hilltop.
  • Meet at Hualapai Hilltop at 7:30 a.m.
  • While hiking: stay with your friends, move inside and uphill to let horses pass, go slow for the first mile, rest and eat snacks as often as you want, hydrate and keep up electrolytes.
  • Rest and eat lunch in the village of Supai.
  • Pick up your gear at the campground, just past Havasu Falls

Bless you for being proud and respectful of our Mother Earth and all things wild...

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