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The Wet Beaver Creek Dayhike: Travel along the historic Bell Trail on Wet Beaver Creek to the Bell Crossing, known to the locals as "The Crack". Enjoy a dip in the deep pools and have a picnic lunch on the flat, red rocks. 8 miles round trip.

Book two weeks in advance

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Hoover Dam to Willow Beach 2 day canoe trip on the Colorado River:
Have some fun the first night at the Hacienda Hotel and Casino in Boulder City, Nevada. The next morning we'll launch our canoes at Hoover Dam. We'll stop to explore the sauna cave, side canyons, and hot springs. Enjoy delicious and nutritious camp food including Smores and coffee. An evening soak in a nearby hot springs and relaxing sleep under the stars (or in a tent) will leave you feeling rejuvenated. The next day you'll stop for lunch and do a little more exploring before arriving at Willow Beach. You'll cover about 11 miles on the river.

Book four months in advance

A Moment in Time - Phantom Ranch Grand Canyon, AZ

North Rim to South Rim - Ribbon Falls and Phantom Ranch 3 day: The expedition of a lifetime! An intimate experience for your private group. Hike 25 miles across the majestic Grand Canyon. Spend the first night relaxing at the North Rim in a rustic cabin. Get an early start the next morning and head down the serene, wooded Kaibab Trail. Your guide will lead you to a cool oasis in the desert- Ribbon Falls. You'll camp at Cottonwood Campground that night and the next day you'll make the trek to Phantom Ranch, a haven for tired hikers. You'll stay in the bunkhouse or at Bright Angel Campground, depending on availability. On the last day of the trip, you'll cross the bridge over the Colorado River, rest at Indian Gardens, and hike out of the Grand Canyon via the Bright Angel Trail.

Book one year in advance
Experienced hikers only, must be able to carry a 25 lb. pack

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