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Boy Scouts? Girl Scouts? Church group? Family and Friends?

Some groups include experienced hikers and may not require guides. If that is your situation, our supply of camping gear and kitchen equipment may be all you need. If your group is local or visiting Flagstaff, you can come by and pick up all the gear and equipment. If your group is traveling from elsewhere and not coming through Flagstaff, we will meet your party at the Hualapai trail head with the gear you'll need and want for a memorable camping and hiking adventure. If you like, we will do complete menu planning, food purchasing and food packing for your trip.

A Moment in Time can work with you to outfit other camping and hiking trip destinations and itineraries. Within the limits of our schedules and driving times, we will collaboratively work out ways to meet your group's outfitting needs.

Rental prices vary depending on your group's size, requirements and desires. Call or email for more specific equipment and gear rental prices and information.

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